Our Services

Vision18’s provides a range of services for the 16- 18 year old group. We are mainly focused on preparing all our young persons into responsible, productive citizens and we are well aware of the challenges that they may have faced in the past, and how this might have potential barriers into their development. We Support the young persons in guiding them and extending their vision, encouraging them and building their self- awareness improving their confidence whilst at the same time developing their copying skills for everyday challenges.

Semi Independence living

Service offering a group living communal environment with staff on site to deliver programmes of support, dependant on individual needs, to enable young people to progress towards living in their own accommodation.

  • Sole Placements
  • Shared Placements

Who we provide for

  • Challenging behaviours
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Self-harming behaviours
  • Gang involvement
  • Criminal behaviour
  • Low level sexualised behaviour

Floating support

Community based services providing floating/resettlement support to enable young people to live semi independently in their own accommodation.

Floating support with accommodation

Community based accommodation services with floating resettlement support, sourced within the private rental market and supported by one to one staffing of varying levels, to achieve the aim of the young person moving to independence.

Supporting Lodgings

Service offering accommodation with various levels of support from a live in Landlady or Landlord.